Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ink Bar, Lounge, Restaurant (Revisited)

Ink Bar, Lounge, Restaurant
948 S. Cooper St.
Memphis, Tennessee 38104

I had previously written about my visit to Ink during the day and had some drinks.

They have a nice patio with a view of Cooper Young. 

We visited during a Friday evening and it was packed!  There was music playing and people were dancing. 

This is a nice addition to Cooper Young. We have many restaurants and bars. I think having a place with some dancing is great.  

I had whiskey diet cokes.  They were nice and strong. 

I also finally ate there!  I had some pizza.  It was really good with a nice crust.  It was cheese, but they have tons of toppings.

Go for food or go for drinks, but you should definitely go.  

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