Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coffee and Chocolate

Coffee and Chocolate
327 Union Ave.
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

This is a cute coffee shop in the market square.  G had the espresso and he liked it.  I saw these bacon chocolate chip cookies and I had to have them.

Unfortunately, they were disappointing.  All I could taste was regular chocolate chips cookies with an occasional chewy bit.  

I'm sure the rest of their food and their drinks are fine.  However, do not order these cookies.  

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

North Forty Truck Stop

North Forty Truck Stop
15060 U.S. 641
Holladay, TN 38341

While driving to Knoxville, I needed some breakfast.  What did I crave a breakfast biscuit from a gas station.

I found exactly what I needed for $2.99.  It was a steak and egg biscuit.  The steak was a chicken fried steak.

It was exactly what I expected, and it hit the craving perfectly.  I may not always want gas station food, but when I do, this is the one to beat.  The coffee was good, too.  I spent less than $5 for this meal.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Shalimar Restaurant

Shalimar Restaurant
307 S. Main
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

I have only been to Ann Arbor once, and the only meal I have ever eaten there was at Shalimar Restaurant at lunch time.

I ended up ordering a combination lunch plate.

It came with a vegetable samosa. I am not sure what the sauce was that accompanied it, but I know it's typical at most Indian restaurants that I have eaten at.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember everything that came with my meal.  I know it had naan bread with a cucumber sauce and basmati rice.  The dessert was a rice pudding.  I don't care for it, so I gave it to G.  It has a salad which was fine.  Then there was a choice between saag paneer which is spinach with and Indian cheese or a paneer tikka masala which is Indian cheese in a tomato sauce.  I got the saag and G got the paneer tikka masala.  Both were delicious.  I will say it is on the better side of saag paneers that I have had.  Then there were two other things.  I know one was a vegetable korma, which was also scrumptious.  However, the other thing I am not 100% on what it was.  After looking at the menu online, I am thinking that it is channa pindi, which is chickpeas cooked in a tomato broth.  It was also good.  

For lunch the combination platter was around $10, and it has left me stuffed.  If I'm ever in that area again, I would go here again.  I also recommend it.  We also had good service.  

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Star and Garter, England

Star and Garter
Slough SL3 0JF

This pub is near the airport, so if you stay near the airport, this is a must visit pub.  There is a fireplace inside, so you can keep warm, if it's winter.

The staff is friendly and helpful.  This is one of the first pubs we visited on our trip and one of the last.

My favorite beer for this trip was twickenham winter cheer.  It was a full bodied beer.

This place is a can't miss.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Calceylone Cafe, England

Calceylone Cafe

13  The Observatory
High Street

When G and I were in England, we actually stayed at a small city near London called Slough.  They have a nice shopping area called the Observatory.  Part of it is indoors and part of the shopping is outdoors.  

While shopping, we stopped and had a break at this coffee shop in the mall.  We each had a coffee and Garrett had a croissant.  

To be honest, it was fairly typical coffee shop to me.  However, it was cold that day, and the coffee hit the spot, especially since the coffee I had at breakfast earlier was instant coffee.  

I can't recommend or not recommend this place.  If you're in the mall and need some coffee, try it.  However, it is far from London, and it is not worth going out of the way for.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

WIndsor Castle, a bar in England

Windsor Castle
152 Bath Rd, Hounslow
London, England TW3 3ET

When we visited England, we stayed near London Heathrow airport.  Even though it has the word London it in it, it is very far from what we as Americans think of as London.  Due to flight prices and schedules, we were due to fly back home on January 1st and needed to be at the airport earlier in the morning.  Of course, we didn't want to spend New Years Eve in the hotel, so we found the only gay bar near our hotel.  

It was actually a little difficult to find, and apparently is is under new ownership.  They had changed the hours, so we got there before it was even open.  Perhaps we were a bit ambitious to try to go to a gay bar early, but we did anyway.  

Anyway, eventually it opened.  It was a fun experience, but it was definitely dead.  By the time, people started to arrive, we were kinda ready to go somewhere else.  We also had to pay attention to the time because our bus was going to stop running before too long, and we didn't want to spend midnight on a bus.  

They had mixed drinks, but we stuck with beer.  I believe we had Kronenbourg.  

If you're in London and need a gay bar near LHR, go here.  It's off the beaten path, which is cool.  However, do NOT even attempt to get there early, even if the hours say they open at 11am.  It's a place for the evening.  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ye Olde George Inn, London

Ye Olde George Inn
146 High Street
Colnbrook, Slough
Tel: 01753 682010

If you are ever in London and stay near the airport, it's important to be able to find the pubs.  One pub is Ye Olde George Inn.  They have a variety of beer on draught.  

They have food and different specials on different days.  However, their kitchen is not open late, so don't expect food late in the evening.  We wanted to eat there, but missed their kitchen.

While writing this blog, I discovered they have a few rooms to rent if you want to stay near the airport.  That sounds worth it to stay somewhere local rather than a typical hotel.