Sunday, March 31, 2013

East End Grill

East End Grill
7547 Highway 64
Memphis, TN  38133

I have been to both locations of East End multiple times.  I have been to the location on Winchester multiple times for lunch, and they're food never disappoints.  I have enjoyed their steak salad and their fried sampler baskets.

This time we were in the area doing some shopping.  After fighting the ridiculous traffic in the Wolfchase parking lot, we needed a drink, so we decided to stop by.  Well drinks are apparently only $3.25.

Here's a vodka diet coke.

We wanted a light snack because we hadn't eaten all day, but we also had upcoming dinner plans.  We decided upon a sausage and cheese plate.  The sausage had a nice smoky flavor.  The cheese was pepper jack and cheddar, and there were pickles and a pepper.  

I don't care for going to Cordova, but when I'm in the area, this is the place that I like.  I will definitely be back.  

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Café Society

Café Society
212 N Evergreen St
Memphis, TN 38112

Café Society was my group of friend's choice for our fancy food Monday for the month of March.  None of us had ever visited the restaurant before.

For our appetizers, I chose the Fricasee of Escargot with wild mushrooms and chorizo.  It was delicious.  I haven't had escargot since I was in France several years ago, and Café Society's version did not disappoint.

One friend ordered the Goat Cheese Croquettes with balsamic macerated cherries & spicy radish.  I love goat cheese, so this was perfect.  I focused on one single croquette.

My other friend ordered Crab & Shrimp Gallette with arugula, picked onion & caper aioli.  It reminded us of a delicious crab cake.

Our meals came with a salad, and I enjoyed mine with the best dressing ever... blue cheese.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of what I ordered.  It was veal stuffed with goat cheese, topped with a thick red wine reduction, and sitting on a bed of potatoes.  It was delicious, but not my favorite of the evening.

One friend ordered another special, which was seared scallops on a tomato and garlic lasagna.  This was my second favorite of the evening.  

My absolute favorite was what Jefferic ordered, which was Pan Seared Black Grouper En Croute with leeks, turnips, rock shrimp & crab.  It also had pieces of brie in it.  

We were all stuffed after the meal, so we skipped dessert.  I definitely want to go again and try the filet with blue cheese potato gratin.  They had a groupon not too long ago.  Regretfully, I didn't buy it.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Local Gastropub (Midtown)

Local Gastropub (Midtown)
2126 Madison Ave
Memphis, TN  38104

Yesterday, we went to Local for drinks.  I have been there a few times and have always had a great time with the great food and good drinks.  I was only planning on having drinks.

I started with a vodka diet coke.  I gotta watch those calories!  Ha

Then I moved on to whiskey diet coke.  

The drinks are good (not weak at all).  They're not cheap and they're not expensive.  Mine were $5.50.  

Of course, drinking leads to eating, so I ordered their parmesan fries.  I prefer their bar fries, but I didn't want to eat THAT sinfully or heavily.  I forgot to take a picture of the fries, but this is the bar fries from a previous trip.  They're the best bacon cheese fries I've ever had.

Eventually, Garrett ended up ordering dessert. I like dessert, but I rarely order it.  I'd prefer eating more savory food.  However, this may be my new favorite dessert.  It's called the "warm blondie brownie."

Yes, that is bacon on it!  I love the combination of the savory and the sweet.  According to the menu, it is topped with maple bacon, vanilla bean gelato, and whisky creme.  I will definitely order this for myself next time.  I want one now for breakfast!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Homemade Comfort Food

This month, it was my friend's turn to cook.  However, she passed on the task to her sister who was visiting from Michigan.

This was one of the best salads ever.  I could have eaten this and only this and been delighted!  I love feta, pecans, and strawberries.

The main dish was cheeseburger soup.  It was delicious, and for some reason the second bowl was even better.  It had sour cream, cheese, hamburger meat, and sun dried tomatoes.  She can come cook for me anytime!

 The sourdough bread was from an Amish bakery in Michigan (I think).  It was good.

The cookies were chocolate chip and peanut butter.  I think I preferred the chocolate chip.  They were also from the Amish bakery.  

I can't wait for her next visit!  :)



520 S Main St
Memphis TN 38103

Today, it was finally a nice spring day in Memphis, so I wanted to go for a walk.  We were walking around downtown and noticed Grawemeyer's.  I had read mixed reviews in the past, but I had been wanting to try it.  We didn't have any plans to go in.  However, they had an outstanding happy hour (4pm to 7pm) posted outside.  It was $2 wells and beer, $3 house wine, $4 Bloody Mary's and Mimosas.  The plan was to just have a drink.

It looked really nice inside, fancy and retro.  The menu is mostly German.  It was a bit of a weird experience.  The bartender said he was filling in and didn't work there.  He was friendly, but he was definitely telling the truth.  He had to keep asking another person questions.

Eventually, we decide to eat.  Garrett orders the "Memphis - Cali Salad." It is listed as having spinach, cranberries, candied pecans, sliced mushrooms, and chopped Mandarin oranges, tossed with Balsamic Vinaigrette.  It costs $9 and he wanted to add grilled chicken for $2.  They were out of chicken and offered fish.  Then they realized they didn't have that either, so they offer their German hamburger meat, which he accepts.  The salad ends up being mixed field greens, spinach, red onions, roasted tomatoes, and cucumbers.  He described his meal as "fine."

I decided to get the special.  This is the description...  It says "2 German Hamburgers on slider buns with spinach and roasted tomatoes, topped with original aioli sauce" and "served with chips."

This is what I got.

I was given two identical plates of this.  I ended up having two drinks, 4 slider sized hamburger patties, with two salads.  My total was $11.10.

My food was good, so I would try it again.  I actually thought the experience was really funny.  I am hoping it was just an "off" day for them.  The mystery ended up making my day, and actually, I don't know why we didn't say anything.  However, I would like to go back and order some traditional German dish.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Majetstic Grille

Majestic Grille
Memphis, TN

Le 3 mars 2013

Majestic is one of my favorite restaurants.  We started off at the bar, where I enjoyed a Kettle One Martini with a twist.  It was made to perfection.

They have a hamburger that is to die for.  I like to order it medium rare.  Today, I chose to substitute the wonderful parmesan fries for the sautéed spinach.  I also added bacon and blue cheese to my burger.  Nothing is better than beef, bacon, and blue cheese combined.

Normally, I don't want dessert, but Majestic has these mini shot glass sized desserts for only $2.  I certainly can't resist the perfect size and the perfect price. The tiramisu is my favorite.  

Majestic is an awesome restaurant in downtown Memphis.  If you have not been, you are missing out!

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Pizza Papalis

Pizza Papalis
Detroit, MI

Le 15 mars 2013

Garrett saw this restaurant and wanted to try it.  We went to Chicago last year for a brief stop and had Chicago style pizza, and we were craving to have more.

First I started off with a Michigan beer.  Unfortunately, I can't remember the name.  It was a medium bodied beer, excellent with pizza.

It was lunch time, so we went with the salad and pizza combo.  It was less than $7.  The salad was nothing special (ice burg lettuce).  The pizza was typical Chicago greatness.  I love Chicago pizza and this one did not disappoint.  I got a personal pan spinach pizza.

We also split this deep dish chocolate chip cookie à la mode.  It was good.  However, we both agreed the best cookie is at Kooky Canuck.  

All in all, this is good Chicago pizza.  Maybe not the best, but it will not disappoint if you're in Detroit.  

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Bai Mai Thai

Bai Mai Thai
Detroit, MI

le 14 mars 2013

While visiting my fiancé in Detroit, we went to this quaint little Thai restaurant near his apartment.  The food is around $10 an entrée, and the meals are pretty huge.

I orded the Gaeng Paa.  It was a plethora of vegetables stir fried in a hot curry paste served with rice.  I ordered it medium hot with seafood, and it was pretty spicy.  It was good, but nothing overly spectacular.

I preferred this one, though.  This is Gaeng Dang.  I loved it.  It is similar to mine, except it was cooked in coconut milk with scallops.  The coconut milk made it sweet, but it still had a kick, as it was ordered medium.  Next time I go, I may have to order this one.  I didn't even know I liked coconut milk!  

We regularly visit this restaurant when I visit Detroit.  I'm sure I'll be back!

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Homemade Japanese Food

My house!
Memphis, TN

le fevrier 2013

Once a month, a group of friends and I take turns cooking.  I have a friend who lives in Japan, and she sent me various items from there, that I decided to cook when it was my turn.  

I am not sure what exactly this is, but my friend labeled it a "different kind of sushi."  I made the rice and then mixed in some ingredient packets.  I assume it was various types of seafood and I know the topping is seaweed.  It was good.  

My new favorite thing from Japan is curry rice.  I boiled potatoes, carrots, and onions.  Then I added the curry blocks.  This was super easy to make and super delicious.  I could eat this on a regular basis.  In fact, I am going to look for this curry block in the local international stores.  

I am not sure what this is.  I know it comes in a little packet and you add hot water.  It reminds me of miso soup.  It had seaweed in it.  Based on the pictures, it had some type of shell fish in it, too.  I love miso soup and I love this.

This was my first time (and it won't be my last time) making tofu.  I didn't know tofu was easy to make.  I cooked the tofu and added some Japanese sauce.  I don't know what it was, but I know it was yummy.  :)

I learned that cooking Japanese food is actually not too difficult.  And it was more fun than cooking a regular meal off my repertoire.  Since I invited friends over, it made me feel extra awesome and talented!  


Memphis, TN

le 28 fevrier 2013

Once a month, some friends and I get together for what we call Fancy Food Monday.  We take turns choosing a restaurant, and this time it was my turn.  Acre is kind of hidden.  It is not on a restaurant street and it is in a house that looks like a log cabin inside.

We each ordered a different appetizer and a different main course, so that we could try as much as possible.

Here is the goat cheese ravioli.  It wasn't a traditional ravioli, but it was great, nonetheless.

This was my absolute favorite.  It was tomato tartare and we decided it was surrounded by fried hummus sticks.  

This was octopus.  I've had it before but normally it was a sushi dish.  This was probably my 2nd favorite.  

I ordered the pâté.  I think this was my first time having it.  It was very good, but very rich.  A little went a long way.  I'd order it again, but I'd probably rather have less.  

On to the main courses...
We all had differing opinions as to which was the best.  We agreed that everything was good, so it's probably a matter of personal taste.

This was the Wild Striped Bass.  Personally, this was my least favorite.  It tasted like really good fish, but it didn't stand out to me.  

This is Sturgeon.  This is my new favorite fish.  It was so meaty.  I will definitely order this in the future next time I see it on a a menu.  It's like grouper, but even better.  Also it was sitting on a bed of brussel sprouts and bacon.  It was delish.  

This is what I ordered.  I love red meat.  I love rare meat.  I love lamb.  This was my absolute favorite of the evening.  It was on a bed of polenta a collard greens.  To die for...

This is the Braised Angus Beef Short rib.  This may not have been my favorite, but this was probably the most tender meat I have ever eaten.  It literally almost melted in your mouth.  

And no fancy meal can be complete without a dessert.  The waiter talked us into this one.  He said it was one of their signature desserts... date cake.  It was good.  I'm more of a chocolate person, but everyone loved it.  

This one is more up my style.  Milk Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cremeux.  It came with whoppers on the side.  I don't care for them.  However this was delicious.  It is more mousse like than anything.  

Acre did not disappoint.  I also noticed that they have a bar menu.  I may have to go back there for the bar menu and try the burger and the truffle potato chips.  This is one of my favorite restaurants in Memphis.  

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