Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bombay Heights

Bombay Heights
1047 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11216

When we visited New York, G took me to this Indian restaurant that he had been to on a previous trip.  

Like many Indian restaurants, they gave us this wafer bread, which according to my research is callaed papadom.  This one came with three sauces.  One was green.  It may be made with some mint and chiles.  One was a chopped veggie mix.  The other is perhaps a type of chutney.  If you know, let me know!  

I had the vegetable soup, that had a tomato base.  It was very good.  

G had the saag paneer, which is spinach with an Indian cheese.  This is by far my all time favorite Indian dish.  I'm always jealous, when I don't get it, because he always does.  I try to order something different so that I can try new things.  

I tried the biryani this time.  It was rice and vegetables.  It was really good, but I still wished I had ordered the saag paneer.  

I am not a fan of Indian desserts.  This was some type of rice pudding, I think.

I was a fan of this place.  It is worth trying if you are in the area and crave some Indian food.  

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