Saturday, May 31, 2014

Vino's Brewpub

Vino's Brewpub
923 W 7th St
Little Rock, AR 72201

My friends chose this restaurant for their rehearsal dinner.

This pizza place brews their own beer. I tried several including the cream ale.  

They also have IPA style beers.  

They also have stouts and porters, which are my favorite.  

One of my friends is vegan.  He brought his own vegan cheese in that they used to prepare his pizza.  They have traditional flavors as well as some that are more fun.  One such pizza is the muffaletta pizza. It doesn't have tomato sauce, but it does have the New Orleans style olive salad as well as pepperoni and ham.  

The chicken BLT pizza is awesome.  It has chicken and also lettuce and tomatoes on it.  

They also have vegetarian pizzas.  This place is so good.  The prices are average for pizza joints.  They vary greatly depending on toppings.  

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