Saturday, May 31, 2014

Red Door

Red Door
3701 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR 72202

While in Little Rock for some friends' wedding, we decided to have brunch.  After googling, yelping, and researching, we settled upon the Red Door.

I didn't have a brunch drink for some reason.  I almost got the Sangria, but for some reason I didn't.  They also have bacon bloody marys, which sound good.  I don't know why I didn't indulge, but I didn't.  Next time, I will rectify this situation.  

I chose the country breakfast, which came with two eggs that I ordered over easy.  I also chose stone ground cheese grits over the potatoes.  For my meat, I chose the bacon.  For my bread, I chose a cathead biscuit.  I also had a side of their creamy gravy to dip my biscuit in.  

I loved my food so much that I basically licked my plate clean.  I recommend this place if you are in Little Rock!  My meal was about $8.  

They also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

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