Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Black Swan

The Black Swan
1048 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205

My friend lives in Brooklyn, and this gastropub is located near his home.  They have a full bar, but I did not sample any of their libations.  

They have some specials that caught my eye that I would like to try.  Their website boasts a great bloody swan with a beer chaser.  I am thinking it's a bloody mary, but I can't be sure.  

They have a reverse happy hour from 1am to 4am.  That's the best time for a drink special.  That needs to catch on in more places!

On Tuesdays, they have an unlimited mussel special from 6pm to 8pm for $15.  I think I could eat more than my fair share in that time frame.  I heart mussels and all other seafood.  

On Wednesdays, they have an unlimited prosecco special from 6pm to 8pm for $15.  I could definitely drink more than my fair share of sparkling wine.  

On Mondays, they have a wine special:  $4 a glass or $14 a bottle. 

We went for brunch.  I had the coffee, which was deliciously rich and strong.  

One friend got the chicken and waffles, which looked divine.  What a perfect combination!  

Since it was a pub, I went with the full English breakfast.  I copied this straight from their menu:  "Two Eggs Any Style, Chicken Apple Sausage, English Bacon, Black and White Pudding, Baked Beans, Fried Tomato, Mushrooms, Home Fries And Toast."  I got the eggs over easy.  I also wanted to sub something for grits.  I was told I couldn't, but the waitress gave them to me anyway.  This meal was huge.  Everything was delicious.  I loved having all the different food to try.  I definitely recommend the full English.  The price was $12, which was good considering all the food I got.  

Next time, I'm visiting my friend.  I'm going to try the reverse happy hour and the mussel and prosecco specials!

Oh, they also have brunch everyday.  More places should do that, too.

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