Tuesday, June 4, 2013

De javu

De Ja Vu
 936 Florida St
Memphis, TN 38106

For my birthday, my parents wanted to take me out to a restaurant.  I, of course, wanted to go to a restaurant that I have never visited, so I chose DeJaVu.  I had read and heard good things about it, but had never managed to get down there.  It's located near downtown Memphis.  The outside of the building looks average, but the inside atmosphere, food, and service were much better than average.

The restaurant has creole, soul food, and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.  

For an appetizer, we shared some wings and fries.  The wings weren't spicy, but they had a good flavor.

I had to try something new, so I ordered the alligator stew.  It was so filling.  I ended up eating all the stew and leaving a lot of the rice.  I enjoyed it and would order it again.  

For my sides, I ordered greens and grilled cabbage.  It came with cornbread.  All three were good.  I particularly enjoyed the grilled cabbage, which was shredded. I don't think I've ever had grilled cabbage before (only boiled and baked).  

My dad had the seafood platter, which included fried catfish, shrimp and oysters.  For his side, he ordered red beans and rice.  It all tasted good.  (Yes, I sampled it.)

Garrett ordered the blackened catfish, which he enjoyed.  (I did, too.)

My mom had the smothered pork chop.  I thought it was really good. 

We ordered the check and the waitress tried to sell us dessert.  My dad told her we were having dessert at home, because he had made me a cake for my birthday.  Then she said that I got a free dessert, and no one can pass up a free dessert.  I had the bread pudding and it was amazing, which says a lot, because bread pudding is not my favorite dessert.

I will definitely revisit, and you should, too!

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