Monday, June 17, 2013

Detroiter Bar

Detroiter Bar
655 Beaubien St
Detroit, MI 48226

While visiting Detroit, the weather was perfect, so we walked all around the downtown area.  We saw the GM building, Greektown, and the Comerica stadium.

When we were sufficiently worn out, we decided to hit up the Detroiter Bar.

I had a Sam Adam's seasonal beer.  It was light and refreshing, after having walked for hours.  

We needed food, so we split two chili cheese coneys, which were $4.95.  I am not a huge fan of coneys, but they are a Detroit specialty.  I did enjoy it, though!

The bartender was very friendly.  My friend ordered a cocktail and she was very free in pouring the liquor.  This was actually my second time visiting this place.

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