Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tunica Queen Riverboat

Tunica Queen Riverboat
One Riverpark Drive
Tunica Resorts (Robinsonville), Mississippi

For my high school reunion, we took a dinner cruise in Tunica.  It was fun to do something out of the ordinary.  They have one in Memphis, too.  I went on that one years and years ago.

They have a dancing chef in Tunica.

The food was good.  It was not amazing, but it was good.  They had rolls, caesar salad, red beans and rice, cranberry sauce, turkey breast, and roast beef.  

I really enjoyed the dessert.  It was very rich.  It seemed like a brownie, topped with pecans and caramel.  

After dinner, it becomes a dance floor.  They also have a full bar.  You can also get some amazing views outside for pictures.  

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