Monday, April 21, 2014

Evelyn and Olive

Evelyn and Olive
630 Madison Ave
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 748-5422

Evelyn and Olive is a restaurant on Madison serving "Jamaican and Southern Cuisine."  Recently, G and I wanted to try somewhere we hadn't been, so we ended up at this restaurant.  We went to the Bahamas this summer and were looking forward to having some more Caribbean food.

The restaurant is a nice size and has a full bar.  The clientele was fairly diverse.  

We started with the delicious fish cake fritters.  They were good.  In the Bahamas, we had something similar except they were made out of conch.  These were made of cod.  

G ordered the special which were oxtail.  I had never had them before, and they were quite good.  

I ordered the stew fish which was tilapia, which came with peas and rice.  It was also really good.  Peas and rice was a dish that we frequently had in the Bahamas, too.  

This restaurant is really good, and easily affordable.  It also reminded me of food that I had in the Caribbean.  The most expensive thing is only $12.  They also have vegetarian options.  This is a must try.  If you're in the mood for Jamaican food, go there.  I haven't been to Jamaica, but I have been to the Caribbean, and to me it tasted authentic.  

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