Monday, April 7, 2014

Ku Bar, England

Ku Bar
30 Lisle Street
London WC2H 7BA
 +44 20 7437 4303

Another popular gay bar that we enjoyed is called Ku Bar.  We got there early and probably got the last table in the place on the first floor.  The clientele seems to be young professionals.

The downstairs was well lit.  

As the place got busier, they start taking away tables.  It seemed awkward to watch people being asked (or told) to give up their table.  Before they could get to our table, we got up, so they couldn't get us.  

There is also an upstairs that had less people in it, so if you want to talk, that's available upstairs.  If you like to people watch and be amongst the crowd, downstairs is for you.

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