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Memphis, TN

le 28 fevrier 2013

Once a month, some friends and I get together for what we call Fancy Food Monday.  We take turns choosing a restaurant, and this time it was my turn.  Acre is kind of hidden.  It is not on a restaurant street and it is in a house that looks like a log cabin inside.

We each ordered a different appetizer and a different main course, so that we could try as much as possible.

Here is the goat cheese ravioli.  It wasn't a traditional ravioli, but it was great, nonetheless.

This was my absolute favorite.  It was tomato tartare and we decided it was surrounded by fried hummus sticks.  

This was octopus.  I've had it before but normally it was a sushi dish.  This was probably my 2nd favorite.  

I ordered the pâté.  I think this was my first time having it.  It was very good, but very rich.  A little went a long way.  I'd order it again, but I'd probably rather have less.  

On to the main courses...
We all had differing opinions as to which was the best.  We agreed that everything was good, so it's probably a matter of personal taste.

This was the Wild Striped Bass.  Personally, this was my least favorite.  It tasted like really good fish, but it didn't stand out to me.  

This is Sturgeon.  This is my new favorite fish.  It was so meaty.  I will definitely order this in the future next time I see it on a a menu.  It's like grouper, but even better.  Also it was sitting on a bed of brussel sprouts and bacon.  It was delish.  

This is what I ordered.  I love red meat.  I love rare meat.  I love lamb.  This was my absolute favorite of the evening.  It was on a bed of polenta a collard greens.  To die for...

This is the Braised Angus Beef Short rib.  This may not have been my favorite, but this was probably the most tender meat I have ever eaten.  It literally almost melted in your mouth.  

And no fancy meal can be complete without a dessert.  The waiter talked us into this one.  He said it was one of their signature desserts... date cake.  It was good.  I'm more of a chocolate person, but everyone loved it.  

This one is more up my style.  Milk Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cremeux.  It came with whoppers on the side.  I don't care for them.  However this was delicious.  It is more mousse like than anything.  

Acre did not disappoint.  I also noticed that they have a bar menu.  I may have to go back there for the bar menu and try the burger and the truffle potato chips.  This is one of my favorite restaurants in Memphis.  

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