Sunday, March 31, 2013

East End Grill

East End Grill
7547 Highway 64
Memphis, TN  38133

I have been to both locations of East End multiple times.  I have been to the location on Winchester multiple times for lunch, and they're food never disappoints.  I have enjoyed their steak salad and their fried sampler baskets.

This time we were in the area doing some shopping.  After fighting the ridiculous traffic in the Wolfchase parking lot, we needed a drink, so we decided to stop by.  Well drinks are apparently only $3.25.

Here's a vodka diet coke.

We wanted a light snack because we hadn't eaten all day, but we also had upcoming dinner plans.  We decided upon a sausage and cheese plate.  The sausage had a nice smoky flavor.  The cheese was pepper jack and cheddar, and there were pickles and a pepper.  

I don't care for going to Cordova, but when I'm in the area, this is the place that I like.  I will definitely be back.  

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