Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bai Mai Thai

Bai Mai Thai
Detroit, MI

le 14 mars 2013

While visiting my fiancé in Detroit, we went to this quaint little Thai restaurant near his apartment.  The food is around $10 an entrée, and the meals are pretty huge.

I orded the Gaeng Paa.  It was a plethora of vegetables stir fried in a hot curry paste served with rice.  I ordered it medium hot with seafood, and it was pretty spicy.  It was good, but nothing overly spectacular.

I preferred this one, though.  This is Gaeng Dang.  I loved it.  It is similar to mine, except it was cooked in coconut milk with scallops.  The coconut milk made it sweet, but it still had a kick, as it was ordered medium.  Next time I go, I may have to order this one.  I didn't even know I liked coconut milk!  

We regularly visit this restaurant when I visit Detroit.  I'm sure I'll be back!

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