Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bayou Bar and Grill

Bayou Bar and Grill
2094 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104

Overton Square is returning to a new glory.  New businesses and restaurants are moving in.  The area is getting a make-over.  However, let's not forget those restaurants that were already there.

Bayou Bar and Grill is a fun seafood restaurant.  The prices are not too high either.  The drinks are always good.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take very many pictures.

This particular day we went for brunch.  On Sundays, they have have screwdrivers, mimosas and bloody mary specials.  

If you like your bloody mary's spicy, be sure to ask.  They have a non advertised pepper infused vodka.  

In the spring and summer, they have a great patio.  

Some brunch suggestions from me are the cheese grits with an omelet with Andouille sausage and whatever else you want in it.  I had the steak and eggs last time.  If you're hungry, it's a big steak.  

For lunch and dinner, I like their grouper.  You can get it as an entree or on a salad if you want to watch those calories.  I actually just recently tried grouper.  I like it because it has a heavier meatier taste about it.  

If you've never been, you're missing out!

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