Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Waffle House

Waffle House

Waffle House is just good.  Breakfast anytime!  It may be a chain, but they definitely cook it in front of you.  It's a good place after the club or the bar.  This time we went after a trip to Tunica.

See!  He is cooking right now.  

I like to get the all star special.  It has such a variety.  I added a side of gravy and made a sausage biscuit.  The biscuits are just ok, but the meat and gravy are good.  

One of my friends wanted ham and sausage.  Waffle House will let you customize your meal 100%.

Gotta have some coffee with that meal.  Decaf at night.  

You can't go to there and not have a waffle.  

The hashbrowns are one of the most fun things.  They have like 10 ingredients that you can add.  I got mine with everything except chili.  

Waffle House just hits the spot sometimes.  Go to your local Waffle House!  

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