Saturday, May 18, 2013


7733 Winchester Rd
Memphis, TN 38125

We recently took a group of students here for our club dinners.  I normally try to support more local restaurants.  However, I had a fine experience.  They have cheap drinks and appetizers on Thursdays, but I couldn't partake since there were students around.  I might try to go back.  

This picture is my half eaten steak.  Once again, I am addicted to blue cheese, bacon, and beef.  The steak was not the most tender cut, but it was cooked to my liking.  One thing I did love about it is that it was COVERED in cheese and bacon!  I got veggies as a side to keep it somewhat healthy.  

There is not a Friday's near where I live, but I may try to go back on a Thursday to try those specials next time I'm out that way.  

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