Monday, May 20, 2013

Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory is a chain.  This visit was in Louisville, KY.  I find the restaurants pretty consistent no matter where you are.  

Cheesecake Factory is one of my favorite chain restaurants.  The cheesecake is really good.  I think their food is really good, too.  The portions are HUGE.  They're often on lists for having the most calories.  It would probably be best to share a meal, but I never have.  I always get my own.  I also always get my own cheesecake.  That's the fat person inside of me trying to get out.  

I was lucky enough to have a gift card from my parents.  

I agree.  This is the truth... "everyone loves cheesecake." 

The decor is nice.  

I think they have the best brown bread ever.  I don't even like the white bread they serve when I compare it.  

I had the house red win.  

Garrett has a good looking salad.  

He also had the shepherd's pie.  

I had the burger with blue cheese and bacon.  I also had a side salad instead of fries but with blue cheese dressing.  Normally, I use minimal dressing, but this one was so good, I tore it up.  

The burger was loaded with the bacon and blue cheese.  Super yum.  

Garrett had the key lime pie cheesecake.  

I had the most ratchetly delicious cheesecake.  Oreo!  The oreos were baked inside.  Super good and super fat.  

I wish we had one in Memphis.  :)

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