Friday, May 17, 2013

Fuel Cafe

Fuel Cafe
1761 Madison
Memphis, TN 38104

Another gem in midtown Memphis is Fuel CafĂ©.  A log time ago, the restaurant was a garage.  

It has a nice covered porch, if you like eating outside.  

It is also project green fork certified.  There are 6 things they have to do, which are all good for the environment.  The restaurant has plenty of vegan options.  The first time I went I had their vegan meatloaf.  It was actually really good from a non vegans perspective.  

Here's a sandwich that someone ordered.  

Fuel is also known for having some of the best fries in Memphis.  On this visit, I had the Bison Burger and I added Maytag Blue Cheese, and Berkshire Bacon.  I LOVE beef with bacon and blue cheese.

You should definitely try this restaurant.  Next time I go, I'll probably order the burger again.  :)

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