Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Centaur Bar

Centaur Bar
2233 Park Ave
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 963-4040

Centaur Bar is a bar in downtown Detroit.  I recently visited during an afternoon.  It is a nice trendy bar.  It was a Thursday afternoon, and there was only one other party there.  The decor is very trendy looking.  The second floor has a super long couch.  We, however, sat at the bar for a cocktail.

The drinks are a little pricier than normal.  I had a whiskey and water, which was $7.50.  Normally, this drink is around 4 to 6 dollars.  

Although, we didn't get any food, their prices are pretty varied.  The most expensive dish I saw was a caviar dish for $50.  Most other plates were around $8 to $10.  The other meals were mini burgers, cheese plates, etc (typical tapas).  

The bar was nice, but the prices seemed a bit high, especially since there wasn't really anyone in the place.  

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