Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hungry Tasty, England

Hungry Tasty
United Kingdom

This place is a buffet that serves Indian and Sri Lankan food.  It is in Hounslow, near London.

When we went to London, we stayed off the beaten path, so we were able to try restaurants that no tourist would ever stumble upon.  

Honestly, I do not know what we ate.  The buffet was not labeled.  The food had been sitting out for a while, but as soon as we arrived, the cooks made fresh everything.   

Some of the dishes had a spicy version and a mild version.  Their was a yam dish.  I don't like yams, but I liked everything else.  There were lots of vegetarian options and a few chicken dishes.  They brought hot fresh bread to our table.  The only other things that I could positively identify were a green bean dish and a spinach dish.

I can't say which was Sri Lankan and which was Indian, but everything was good and fresh after they made more.

I would like to find another Sri Lankan restaurant, so that I can really learn about the food.

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