Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ellen's Soul Food

Ellen's Soul Food
634 S Bellevue Blvd
Memphis, TN 38104

Ellen's is a Memphis staple.  I first went there probably 10 years ago when it was on S. Parkway. Back then, Ellen used to hand write her menus everyday, so sometimes each one would be different on accident.  It has been mentioned in the New York Times.  It's that good.

Now, it is on Bellevue.  However, I overheard while eating there that they are moving again out to Mt. Moriah.  I will say that I preferred the food and atmosphere when it was on S. Parkway.  Then it had 5 stars.  However, it's still really good.  Notice I gave it 4 stars.

I went with the veggie plate.  I got macaroni and cheese, cabbage, fried okra, and spaghetti. Yes, here in the south spaghetti can be a veggie even though it comes with ground beef.  G had the meatloaf with sweet potatoes and cabbage.

The cornbread looked just like pancakes.  They were awesome.  

Everything was great.  It was food for the soul.  Everything was also sweet.  The mac and cheese, the cabbage, and the spaghetti definitely had sugar in it.  I recommend you visit this place.  It's supposed to move sometime this month to Mt. Moriah, so if you miss this location, don't give up.

P.S.  It's cash only.

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