Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Toby Carvery, England

Toby Carvery
London Road
Slough, SL3 8PS
Tel: 01753 591212

On Sundays, I read that the common food is a roast, so my goal for Sunday was to find a place that served roast.  By the time, we were hungry, we were near our hotel which is near the city of Slough, outside of London.

The price for the meal was 8.99 pounds.  We chose to get all 4 meats, which the meat carvers put on our plate.  We got gammon (aka ham), beef, turkey, and pork.  You also get a large Yorkshire pud, which is like bread but kind of hollow and flakier.

You also get unlimited vegetables including cornbread dressing.  They had brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, peas, and fried potatoes to choose from.  Additionally, they had another bar area with multiple types of toppings and different types of gravy.  The cornbread dressing tasted just like what we eat in the south.  

Everything we had was really good.  

For dessert, we had a hot fruit crumble pudding, which came with a huge jug of custard.  It was the perfect end to this great meal.  

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