Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Brooklyn Bridge Italian Restaurant

Brooklyn Bridge Italian Restaurant
1779 Kirby Parkway
Memphis, TN 38138

Recently, we were in East Memphis and needed some food, so we visited Brooklyn Bridge for some Italian food.

I decided to have a whiskey diet coke.  

We were given complimentary bread with some olive oil and seasoning.  I love that kind of dip.  

I ordered a half greek salad.  Mine was a typical greek salad.  It was a good portion for only $5.  

Garrett's meal came with a house salad.  He ordered my favorite dressing there which is a blue cheese vinaigrette.  

He ordered the special which was a salmon caprese.  A tomato caprese salad is my favorite salad.  It's tomato topped with mozzarella topped with balsamic.  This was a take on that.  It was a huge piece of salmon topped with tomato, mozzarella, and balsamic.  

It also came with a side of pasta.  Garrett got the fettuccine.  

I ordered a bunch of sides.  I had the spinach florentine.  It hit the spot.  

I also got a side of manicotti.  

Normally, I'm not tempted by dessert, but today was different.  I ordered the chocolate cannelloni.  

Garrett had the tiramisu.  

I enjoy Brooklyn Bridge.  It's a good Italian restaurant in Memphis.  Try it!  I recommend ordering sides and tasting a lot!  

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