Sunday, June 1, 2014

Loveless Cafe

Loveless Cafe
8400 Tennessee 100
Nashville, TN 37221

I first visited this cafe about 10 years ago.  I had been thinking about it and wanted to return to it.  G and I decided to meet here for dinner one Friday night.  It's about halfway between his residence and Knoxville and mine in Memphis.  I got there, and it was about a 45 minute wait, which was fortunate, because he was 45 minutes late.  

The cafe started in 1951 with the Loveless family basically selling fried chicken and biscuits out of their house.  

They have a BBQ pit, so they obviously smoke their own meat.  

It used to also be a motel.  However, the motel quit operative about 20 years ago.  The old motel parts are used for retail.  You can buy plenty of souvenirs, some edible and some wearable.  

They start you off with biscuits and their famous jams.  The biscuits were great.  They also serve breakfast all day.  I had to restrain myself from eating too many before my meal.  

They have some drinks.  I had a whiskey and water.  One friend ordered a shot of moonshine.  It came in a cute mason jar cup.  He said it was "strong."  

I love combination plates, so that's what I got.  With as much food as I got, it was worth the price.  I think it was the most expensive item on the menu at $17.55.  The Southern Sampler Platter comes with your choice of three meats (Fried Chicken, Catfish, Country Ham, Meatloaf or Pork Barbeque) and two sides.  I chose the fried chicken, because that was one of their original items.  I also got the country ham, because it is proclaimed on their neon sign outside.  And finally, I got the pork barbecue since I saw the BBQ pit outside.  All the meat was just plain perfect.  The pork was on a cornbread pancake.  

I also got to choose two sides.  They have tons of choices.  I ended up getting the greens and the mac n' cheese.  Both were good and typically country.  I would have liked to try the fried okra, but I already had too much food.  

For my meat, I did't choose the meatloaf, because I knew G would order it.  he did, and it was good.  It was covered with a tangy tomato sauce.  He got the vegetable of the day, which was squash.  It was surprisingly good, too.  I wasn't tempted by it when I heard it was the special, but I was jealous when I tasted it.  

They have desserts, but there's no way someone could eat anyway after eating here! 

The other intriguing thing on their menu is their family style supper for groups of 4 or more.  It's all you can eat for $17.55 a person.  The table has to agree upon two meats and three veggies.  It also includes a regular drink.  

It is so good that it would be worth a three hour drive.  Seriously.

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