Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Steve's Prince of Steaks

Steve's Prince of Steaks
41 S 16th St
Philadelphia, PA

I did extensive research from yelp reviews, blog posts, etc, to find out where to get a great cheesesteak in Philadelphia.  Well, Pat's and Geno's were the most well known.  However, a lot of bloggers rated them as not that great.  I did drive by to take a picture of them, but I couldn't get a cheesesteak there.  

Steve's was highly rated by several blogs and on yelp.  When I came across it, I knew I had to try it.  They have two different ordering sections: one for sandwiches and one for drinks and fries.  I guess it's for efficiency.  However, it did seem strange to me.  There were some things to add like peppers and hot sauce in the middle.  

I decided that I had to get it with onions and with cheese whiz.  I wouldn't normally order cheese whiz on purpose, but I had to try it.  This cheesesteak was good.  The meat was tasty.  It was tender and flavorful, and it was not fatty.  The onions were also an added flavor.  I even liked the cheese whiz.  

It was different than what I am accustomed to.  I always thought a Philly cheesesteak also included bell peppers.  I also thought it was always provolone.  Anyway, I'm glad I ordered one, and I would get it again.  G said he would order it without any cheese.  

We also had an order of spicy fries.  The spice was good.  The fries were average.

So... I can't compare it to the originals of Pat's and Geno's, but I can say I liked this cheesesteak, and I would go there again.  

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