Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Buckley's Fine Filet Grill

Buckley's Fine Filet Grill
5355 Poplar Ave
Memphis, TN 38119

This is a Memphis go-to for steak.  This trip we went for a friend's birthday.  They won't seat you till everyone arrives, so make sure people are on time.  

However, while waiting, they have some dispensers with peanuts and peanut mixtures.  They are addicting, so don't get more than one cup!

They also have a full bar, so while waiting for everyone to arrive, I enjoyed a cocktail of whiskey and water.  It was good, and only about $6.  

They have a nice bar area.  The restaurant is dark and romantic.  The service is great, as well.  

My entree came with a house salad, so I of course, ordered blue cheese dressing  

The winner of the night was the meal.  I ordered the petite filet.  It was cooked to perfection.  It's smaller, but it is still 7oz, which is plenty.  They have plenty of sides, but I chose the creamed spinach, which definitely did not disappoint.  It was a perfect pairing with my steak.  

I will definitely return to this steak place.  It's good.  It's more affordable than other places, and it's a local restaurant.  

They do have other food besides steak for those non beef eaters.  

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