Friday, June 6, 2014

Uncle Joe's Chicken Fingers

Uncle Joe's Chicken Fingers
32637 Van Dyke Ave
Warren, MI 48093

On this trip to Detroit, we stayed in a hotel in Sterling Heights.  This restaurant is in the nearby city of Warren.  While driving around, I thought it looked interesting, so we decided to give it a try for dinner.  

It looks like a typical fast food restaurant, but it's not!  First of all, when we walked in, we must have had some confused looks on our face.  The cashier asked if it was our first time and gave us a chicken finger sample with Uncle Joe's sauce.  I'm not exactly sure what Uncle Joe's sauce is.  It was a cream based sauce with a kick.  Whatever it is, it's good.  

G ordered a chicken finger sauce.  Instead of traditional dressing, he ordered the Joe sauce.  The salad was super impressive.  It was all field greens (no iceberg lettuce).  The tomatoes and the cucumbers look super fresh.  

I had to go with their signature dish.  I got four chicken strips.  They look like they are hand breaded.  They are definitely cooked to order, because we had to wait for a few minutes.  It also came with cole slaw (very average) and texas toast (above standard, but I'm not a big fan in general of white bread).  However, the toast was buttered perfectly.  

Uncle Joe's was very impressive.  They also have tilapia and fried shrimp.  They have a fish and a chicken sandwich.  

Each of our meals was about $7 or $8.  

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