Monday, June 2, 2014

Mayo's-Mahalia Jackson

Mayo's Mahalia Jackson
2008 Jefferson St
Nashville, TN 37208

We discovered this place by a complete accident.  We were heading towards another destination, when I saw this place.  You couldn't miss the smoke coming out of the smoker.

The prices on the sign were cheap as well.  We were hungry, so we decided we had to try it.  

It was around 5:00pm, and they were out of many of their signature items.  I tried to get the gizzards and the shoulder sandwich, but he had already run out.  I settled on the leg quarter, when he said he thought he had one or two left, and the greens.  

Then my friend asked what was the best thing, and he said the rib sandwich (which was not on the menu).  He said it was the best on Jefferson St, and probably in Nashville, and that if we didn't like, he would give us whatever we wanted.  Therefore I had to change my order and add that sandwich.  

In the end, we ended up with a rib sandwich, which was huge.  There were two pieces of bread laying next to each other and the ribs spanned both slices.  We also had an order of okra, an order of mac n' cheese, two orders of greens.  We also had two leg quarter sandwiches.  This was too much food for two people, even though we finished it off.  And the best part was the price.  The total price for everything was on $12.50.  

The ribs were as good as he said.  They had clearly been smoking all day, as all the fat had been rendered into the meat.  The ribs had that beautiful pink smoked color and were fall off the bone.  The leg quarter sandwiches were also delicious and full of that smoked flavor.  The sides were all good, but not as awesome as the meat.  

We were unable to eat at the location, which is really just a food truck.  So, be prepared to take it somewhere else.  

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