Thursday, June 5, 2014


Canvas Lounge
1707 Church St
Nashville, TN 37203

On Church Street in Nashville, there is a small strip of gay clubs and bars.  One that I liked is entitled Canvas.

They have drink specials.  This day was a watermelon fizz and mojitos for $7.50.

I went with my favorite, the whiskey and water.  

I like the decor.  There was a student desk, so I decided I needed my picture taken.  

They also had some funky seats, church pews, movie theatre seats, and barber shop chairs in the dance floor area.  

Above the bar is a sign that said "Asylum for the Insane, Evaluation Center."  I love that.  

They also had an old fashioned Ms. Pac Man arcade machine that worked.  

This place was pretty cool, and chill. We were there a bit early, so it wasn't too packet yet.  

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