Monday, June 9, 2014

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel
106 Price Creek Rd
Bremen, GA 30110

On the way home from our road trip, we decided to visit Cracker Barrel.  Neither one of us had been in years.  We had been driving for hours and needed a bit of a break.  We also hadn't eaten all day, so we wanted a full meal.

G ordered the meat loaf.  He almost always orders meatloaf anytime we go out if it is on the menu.  It was good.  

We both ordered the same sides of okra, greens, and mac n' cheese.  The okra was nice and crispy.  The greens had a good flavor and plenty of meat.  The mac n' cheese was just ok.  It wasn't the oven baked kind.  We also had corn bread.  It was good, not sweet at all.  I prefer the non sugar version.  

For my main dish, I had the chicken fried chicken topped with sawmill gravy.  The gravy was good, as was my meat.  

Cracker Barrel is a good staple, especially for chain restaurant home cooking.  

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