Sunday, June 8, 2014

Joe's Inn

Joe's Inn
205 N Shields Ave
Richmond, VA 23220

We stopped in Richmond to visit a friend, and he recommended this restaurant.  It has two sides, half more restaurant and half more of a bar.  They are open from 8am till late (2am on weekends).  You can order breakfast anytime.  

The vibe gave me a slightly upscale diner feel.  They have a full bar, beer of tap, wine, etc.  They also have weekend brunch specials.  

They have a plate lunch special with vegetables of the day.  However, it was around 10 when we arrived, so I was in the breakfast mood.  

I ordered two eggs over easy, with bacon, grits, and biscuits.  It actually came with potatoes and toast, but I was allowed to substitute.  Everything was tasty.  It was a typical breakfast meal.  However, the winner were the biscuits.  They had that homemade taste.  I only wanted one, but they were so good that I ate two even thought I was full.  

My meal was around 5.95 before tax and tip, and not counting my coffee, so it was reasonably priced.  The service was also good.  

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