Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hi Tone Bar

Hi Tone Cafe
412-414 N. Cleveland
Memphis, TN

Hi Tone is one of Memphis's most popular places to go see live music.  They have musical performances almost every day of the week.  They used to be on Poplar.  Sadly, I never went there before, even though I'm from this area.  I have no idea why.

Fortunately, they reopened on Cleveland, near the old Sears Crosstown.  We were driving around looking for a bar to go to, when we saw Hi Tone.  

The bar is small, and has that neighborhood feel.  They have a few beers on tap, some bottled beers, and some liquor.  I went with the whiskey water.  The prices are inexpensive (Memphis standard).  

On this visit, they had a buffet of smoked meat for $10.  We had already eaten dinner, or I may have been tempted.  And we were there near closing time.  

The bar tender was super friendly.  I will definitely return.  We didn't see the band, because it was near the ending time.  

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