Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Birthday

My Birthday

After going to Nashville and having the hot chicken, I remembered that my mom used to make something that she called red hot and black chicken.

Instead of having a cake this year, I decided I wanted dinner.  (Now, I actually had 2 cakes from friends anyway).  My dad made the chicken.  It is basically cut up chicken breast that is battered in a flour, black pepper, and cayenne pepper mix.  It was as good as I remembered.  For the sides, we had tater tots and greens.

My dad chose a bottle of Moscato to pair with the chicken.  He decided the sweet wine would pair nicely with the spicy chicken.  It was an interesting combination.

My coworker bought me this too good to be true tres leches cake.  The cake was so moist.  The frosting was good without being too sugary sweet.  Then it was topped with fresh fruit.  

I love birthday celebrations, but more importantly, I love my friends and family.  

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