Saturday, June 7, 2014


254 S 12th St,
Philadelphia, PA 19107

The bar was undergoing some renovations on the outside when we were there.

After dinner on a Sunday, we visited this club.  It was packed full of people, even though it was a random Sunday evening.

The beer is cheap.  One of my friends bought some pitchers of Coors.  Later, I ordered a huge tube of beer.  It was only $10.  We also had jello shots for a dollar.  Each was topped with whipped cream.  

This place had multiple areas.  There was a huge bar area. There was an outside area that was my favorite.  There was also a dance floor.  I noticed that there were other areas that were not even open that day.  

We also tried the food.  They had cheesesteak egg rolls.  

This place was a lot of fun and inexpensive!

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