Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Printer's Alley

Printer's Alley
322 S Cleveland St
Memphis, TN 38104

Printers is one of my favorite places to go late at night.  They are beer only, but they are opened very late.

They only have bottled beer, but they have a wide selection.  

They have pool tables.  One of the walls is made of chalk board material or paint, so you can write on it. 

They also have awesome food to satisfy those late night cravings.  G likes the Taj Mahal Sandwich, which has curried chicken.  He said that it is one of the best sandwiches ever and that I had to really mention it, because no one knows about this awesome sandwich.  

My favorite is the burger with everything.  It's an awesome loaded burger.  

They also have Ghost River, so you can drink local.  

I love going here.  It's better the later you get there.  

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