Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dixe Donuts

Dixie Donuts
2901 W Cary St
Richmond, VA 23221

I had never been to Richmond, but we stopped by to meet a friend for breakfast.  After breakfast, he showed us this strip of cool stores, restaurants and bars, known as Carytown.  He said he wanted to stop and get a donut.  I said that there was no way I could eat anything else, still being stuffed from breakfast.  

However, he insisted.  They have a selection of unique flavors, including some such as French Toast, Samoas, and Strawberry Basil.  

I went with maple bacon.  It had the perfect combination of sweet and salty.  The maple frosting and the bacon complemented each other perfectly.  The flavor of the donut was perfect.  The donut consistency was a bit heavier than my personal preference, but it was a good donut.  

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