Monday, June 2, 2014

Stirrup Nashville

Stirrup Nashville

  • 1529 4th Ave South
  • Nashville, Tennessee 37210

While in Nashville, we wanted to experience the gay scene.  The first night, we visited the Stirrup.  We think it's a play on words with stirrups that you wear or to stir up your drink.

It was a week day evening, so there weren't a lot of people there.  They have a full bar.  

I had a whiskey and water.  

The bartender was super friendly.  He had been to one of our favorite bars in Memphis.  He also gave us suggestions about other fun bars in the city, as well as restaurants to try.  Once we started talking to him, another patron started talking to us and giving us even more suggestions.  

My friend didn't know what he wanted and the bartender made him a surprise drink.  

The bartender is awesome and the other clientele is also friendly.  We were only able to come here once, because of our schedule, but I would definitely return.

They also have a food menu but I didn't try any.

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