Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dru's Place

Dru's Place
1474 Madison Ave
Memphis, TN 38104

Dru's Place is a neighborhood gay/lesbian bar in midtown Memphis.  It's small, yet cozy.  The owners and staff are super friendly.

They don't have liquor.  Although you can bring your own and pay for set ups, or you can just order a beer.  They have a few draft beers and plenty of bottled beers.  I went with a PBR this visit.  

They have events every day.  Here are ones I copied from their website:
Monday and Tuesday-  $14 Pizza & Pitcher (1-5pm) and Happy Hour All Day
Wednesday-  Happy Hour ALL Day and Karaoke (8pm)
Thursday-  DragTime and $5 Beer Bust (10pm) 
Friday-  Early Bird (7pm-9pm) with $2.50 Domestics and Karaoke w/Ali (10pm-1am)
Saturday-  Drag Show and Beer Bust (10pm) and Karaoke (1130pm-230am) 
Sunday-   Bottle Cap Bingo (5pm) and $5 Beer Bust (8pm-10pm) and Karaoke

They take it seriously to keep it clean and safe in the bar. I have been for karaoke and for drag shows.  They also have a pool table.  

They have a little food.  They had rotel dip, that I wanted so bad last time I was there, but I had just eaten so I resisted.  Next time....

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