Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Drunch - Jackalope Brewing and Hattie B's

Nashville, TN

I went to Nashville for a Yelp Spring Break Event.  One event that I attended was entitled Drunch, a brunch that involves drinking.  I'd call it a lunch that involves drinking, because don't all brunches require mimosas or Bloody Mary's?  For $20, we were given 3 tickets that can be used in any combination to obtain food, beer, or coffee.

Jackalope Brewing Company
The Gulch
701 8th Ave S  Nashville, TN 37203

The event was at Jackalope Brewing Company.  They offer tours; I'd like to come back for one.

The company has several types of beers.  Because I love dark beers, I had the Snowman Stout Mocha.  I love stout beers and mochas.  This one was quite tasty.  I used one of my tickets on beer.  

There was a quote on the table that I liked.  "Stay Busy Get Plenty of Exercise And Don't Drink Too Much Then Again Don't Drink Too Little" - Herman Johnson.  

Jackalope Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

Hatti B's Hot Chicken
112 19th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37203

For my other two tickets, I had two servings of Hattie B's hot chicken.  I was given a waffle and a hot chicken strip.  I added syrup to the waffle and chicken, and I got some ranch dressing.

The chicken was really spicy to me.  It needed the ranch dressing to cut down on the spice.  However, it tasted awesome.  It was my first time ever having hot chicken.  I really want to go to the actual restaurant and try it out and see the establishment.  Hopefully, on my next trip, I will.  

Hattie B's Hot Chicken on Urbanspoon

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