Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Fireplace

The Fireplace
2161 P Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037

While in DC, we had to check out some night life.  DuPont Circle is a trendier area of town.  It is also home to some nightlife in DC, including quite a few gay bars and clubs.

One of G's friends wanted to meet at this place called The Fireplace.  It is cash only, but they have a sort of ATM.  You scan your card, get a receipt, and then go to the cashier to get your money.  

It's two levels.  The first floor charged me $4 for a drink, while the 2nd floor charged me $3.  Both prices are cheap, especially considering their pours.  These drinks are STRONG.  They basically give you a cup of alcohol.  The drink I had was straight whiskey on the rocks, and the tall glass was almost full.  

If you want to drink on the cheap and get a good buzz from one drink, this is the place.  My only negative thing was this place had a bit of a dank smell.  It was better upstairs.  

I had an awesome time at this place.  It's a dive bar, and I love going to dive bars.

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