Sunday, June 22, 2014

Coletta's Restaurant

Coletta's Restaurant
1063 South Parkway E
Memphis, TN 38106

Coletta's is an Italian tradition in Memphis.  It has been around since 1923.  The website says that they are Memphis's oldest restaurant.  However, the Arcade claims to have been around longer.  The restaurant also claims to have invented the barbecue pizza.  

There are two locations, each with a different menu.  We decided to visit the original location on South Parkway.  

One room is the Elvis room with plenty of Elvis memorabilia.  The clientele was pretty diverse.  Our waitress was very friendly.  

I went with the appetizer of black and green olives and peppers.  It was pretty much what one would expect.  The olives were pitted and unstuffed.  I would have preferred pimentos or something.  

They have a full bar, and I had a high ball of Jack and coke.  It was tasty, and about $5.50, I think.  

G chose the lasagna for his entree.  It was a huge portion.  It was a tasty lasagna.  The set up is not a traditional layered lasagna.  It was more of a mixed pasta style.  

Rolls accompanied our meal.  They were average.  

One friend ordered the spinach.  The entire menu is really set up more family style.  The spinach is an entree sized portion, but I doubt anyone would only want to eat spinach.  It was $7.50.  It was good.  It had eggs and cheese mixed into it.  

I chose the small vegetarian pizza.  It was topped with peppers and olives.  There was also plenty of cheese.  I fell in love with the crust.  It was a thicker crust, which I loved!  

I would love to go to the other location and compare the differences.  

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