Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Elegant Farmer

The Elegant Farmer
262 S Highland St
Memphis, Tennesse 38111

The Elegant Farmer is a farm to table restaurant near the University of Memphis.  They are use fresh, local ingredients.

They are open everyday for lunch, and Tuesday - Saturday for dinner.  The restaurant has a cozy feeling like you are in someone's house.  They also have a cute patio.  

The menu is constantly rotating and changing.  

They have wine.  A glass starts at about $7.  

G ordered a bowl of soup, which was curry sweet potato.  It was delicious.  I had to sample it.  

We shared some deviled eggs.  The menu says the preparation is constantly changing.  

For his entree, G ordered Lake's Catfish.  Here's the description straight from their menu "Pan seared, sweet corn/okra/cherry tomato saute, basil-pecan pesto."  The presentation looked great, and it tasted great.  

I wanted something a little lighter, so I went with the veggie plate.  It came with juicy red tomatoes, braised greens, and a potato cake. Everything was scrumptious.  

I never want dessert, but G insisted.  We had a chocolate cake, that was super rich and tasty.  

The prices aren't super cheap, but they aren't super expensive either.  Dinner prices vary, with most around $20 give or take a few bucks. I definitely recommend this place.  

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