Friday, June 20, 2014

Max's Sports Bar

Max's Sports Bar
115 E Ge Patterson Ave
Memphis, TN 38103

Max's Sports Bar is a local bar in South Main.  I had seen it for several years, but I had yet to try it.  Well, the other day, I went downtown to meet friends at another restaurant.  Well, I got there early (or maybe they were late or some combination), so I decided to hop in for a beer.  

They have local beers like Ghost River, as well as beers like Guinness and Newcastle.  

I didn't try their food, since I already had dinner plans.  However, on their menu they have an item entitled "School pizza."  I have to try it to see if it really does taste like I remember it in the lunchroom.  On my next visit, I will make it happen.

Since they have a full bar, I need to try a liquor drink instead of just beer.  :)

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