Thursday, June 26, 2014

Crown Winery

Crown Winery
3638 E Mitchell St
Humboldt, TN 38343

Tucked away in Humboldt, TN lies a winery.  My parents enjoy visiting local wineries.  They enjoy the wine tastings, and they usually buy a glass and some wine.  This time I happened to be with them.  It's a little difficult to find, so we had to use the GPS.  The outside is a nice rustic building.  They offer tours, but we did not take one.  

There is a bar area, where a person can sample some of their wines.  The girl who worked there was very knowledgable and offered us suggestions based upon our preferences.  We were also given a menu of sorts to take notes on and to decide what we wanted to try.  

First, I tried the three red wines that were more dry and less sweet.  They were all pretty good.  

I also tried the Tiara wine, which was sparkling.  It was very good.  

I ended up buying Barrel-Aged Chardonel.  It's similar to a Chardonnay.  However, this one was aged in a barrel giving it a darker hue with more "smokey overtones."  She said that it would be reminiscent of bourbon.  This one was my favorite, and I liked the different taste of the wine.  

I also got their Sangria blend called Buck Naked.  It's a "sweeter Sangria blend of Chambourcin and Muscadine with hints of ginger and lime."  

This place is a nice day trip from Memphis, so I recommend taking a visit.  They have red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, speciality wines, and even a strawberry wine.  

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