Monday, June 2, 2014

Detroit One Coney Island Restaurant

Detroit One Coney Island Restaurant
3433 Woodward (near Mack)
Detroit, MI 48201

G is playing his last week with the DSO.  In order to entertain myself, I decided to take a walk and get some breakfast.  I saw this restaurant and thought I'd give it a try, since I saw that they served Breakfast.

They also deliver till 2am, and they are open always.  

It's really more of a diner than a restaurant.  

Their coffee was typical diner coffee.  

They have coneys and entrees.  I really wanted a sausage and biscuit.  They didn't have it on their menu, but both items separately were listed on the sides.  

The food was good.  It tasted exactly what I expected it to taste like.  It was made to order.  

My total bill was about $5.50.   

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